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Deep dive into Speedy Wheels with Tyrepower Esperance

Speedy Corporation Pty. Ltd. is a company whose history can be traced back to 1957 and a man named Mr. Keith Tonkin.

Under the Speedy Wheels brand, the business imports, stores, and exports automobile steel wheels, alloy wheels, and wheel accessories to Australia, New Zealand, and the Pacific Islands.

The business also provides specialised logistical services to the tyre industry from its modern warehouse and distribution facility, located in St. Marys, Sydney.

A modest start

Mr. Keith Tonkin and his vehicle

From humble beginnings in an old Brighton tin shed, not far from Sydney, Speedy Wheels was started in 1957 by Mr. Kieth Tonkin.

Mr. Tonkin was the owner of a small, family-run auto wheel repair shop, specialising in widening or "banding" steel wheels as well as repairing bent and damaged steel wheels.

At the time, the aftermarket wheel industry was still in its infancy, so making your existing wheels wider was the norm.

Today: Steady growth

Speedy Wheels warehouse and distribution complex

Since its humble beginnings in 1957, Speedy Wheels has steadily evolved to become a popular brand in the Australian automotive aftermarket, with its goods supplied all over the country.

Speedy Wheels has built a reputation for high-quality manufacturing and engineering expertise through design innovation, technological know-how, and a wide range of cost-effective products.

All of these factors are supported by a quality warranty, which shows their confidence in the finished goods.

Why choose Speedy Wheels?

Speedy Wheels example

Speedy Wheels are experts in wheel customisation. They are able to provide clients with custom wheels made to their specifications, guaranteeing customer satisfaction. Furthermore, all their products follow State and Territory authority regulations regarding recommended vehicle applications.

If you are in the market for a set of new wheels, Speedy Wheels are worth your consideration because they offer:

  • Excellence in engineering and innovation, since 1957
  • A long history of service and unmatched technical expertise
  • Market-leading product warranty assurance
  • Products that are designed and tested to suit local conditions

What Speedy Wheels do we stock?

At Tyrepower, we stock a wide range of Speedy Wheels to meet everyone's needs. Here are some examples of what we’ve got in stock:

Speedy Wheels ALLURE PIANO

Speedy Wheels ALLURE PIANO Black/Yellow Accents

Do you want to stand out from the crowd? The Speedy Wheels ALLURE PIANO is the ideal choice for you. These wheels are powerfully attractive and unique. They have glistening yellow highlights on piano black gloss with machined highlights.

The Speedy Wheels Allure looks great on small to medium 4 and 5-stud late model passenger cars in white, black, red, blue, and even yellow and is available in sizes ranging from 15" to 18".

Speedy Wheels ASSAULT

Speedy Wheels ASSAULT Satin Black

Choose between full satin black and deep, glistening piano black with face spokes. Assault is a unique design that can be installed on Colorado, D-Max, Triton, HiLux 4WD, and 2WD Hi-Rider models, as well as their SUV derivatives.



The new Dart wheel's six split-spoke design features are further enhanced by contoured spokes and a replica bead lock. The Speedy Wheels Dart comes in either a smooth satin black/machined or a shadow bronze finish. The Dart is now available in sizes to fit most popular 4x4 models.

Get your Speedy Wheels at Tyrepower Esperance

If you have any questions about Speedy Wheels, call us on (08) 9071 6116. Otherwise, drop in and visit us at 10 Woods Street, Esperance and speak to the team.

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